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We have been teaching, traveling and connecting with so many wonderful students since 2006. We bring our own unique approach to teaching and the healing arts — one that is focused on strong foundations, clear communications and a safe container to explore your potential. We both teach on-going yoga classes in Southern California and lead workshops, trainings and retreats in the U.S. and abroad.

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Don’t Take Just our Word For it

Absolutely beautiful Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at HOME Yoga Studio yesterday. I had been planning this for a couple months, so grateful I made it.

- Restorative Yoga Foundations attendee, 2019

That was amazing! I had so much fun and I did alot more then I ever thought possible.

Solid base "M"

My experience with acro was a big aaa-HA moment for me. The way the workshop was broken down into bite-size pieces helped me really keep up the whole time. Brain's clear instructions were so awesome! Thanks guys!!!!

Happy flyer "A"

Loved your acro yoga class!! You have a nack for teaching and makeing it fun. My friend and I liked that we could work at our own pace. :-)

Base "L" & Flyer "S"

I took your beginner series and can't believe how much I learned in a short amount of time. I can't say I wasn't scared because ive never done anything like this before but you made it so approachable. Cant wait to do more!!

Happy flyer "J"

If you really want to learn to teach AcroYoga, THIS is the training to take. I feel so prepared!

- Interactive AcroYoga Teacher Training

It was a beautiful training, thank you.

- Restorative Yoga Foundations attendee, 2019

I learned more than how to teach AcroYoga, the training actually helped me in many areas of my life!

- Interactive AcroYoga Teacher Training

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