For over a decade, Brian and Lorrie have been traveling and sharing Yoga and AcroYoga love.

     "We bring our own unique approach to teaching and healing — one that is focused on strong foundations, clear communication and a safe container to explore your potential."


Both Brian and Lorrie teach on-going yoga classes in Southern California and lead workshops to the public as well as continuing ed for yoga teachers, trainings and retreats in the U.S. and abroad. They each collaborate with yoga teacher trainings offering unique engaging training modules. 

While there are many pieces to the puzzle of health and wellness, the practice of yoga, mindfulness, play, relaxation, breath-body connection are those they continue to share.

They compassionately support you on your path of growth and wellness.


Scroll through their weekly class schedule, workshops, teacher trainings, the yoga teacher Mentorship Program and other offerings.


E-RYT 500, Certified AcroYoga Teacher (AYI)

Brian has been heavily involved and an influential part of AcroYoga, first growing with the NYC acro community and later planting new acro seeds in the Inland Empire. He brings his years of experience and stellar training principles to every training and workshop, sharing the practice of AcroYoga.

Based in Southern California since 2014, Brian conducts a wide range of classes and workshops including AcroYoga, vinyasa flow yoga, alignment based yoga, yoga for children with autism, veterans, seniors, seniors with Alzheimer's, partner yoga, and thai yoga. 

Among the many wonderful teachers he has studied with are the usual and some not-so-usual suspects, from various traditions including Iyengar, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Thai yoga.


E-RYT 500

Lorrie’s yoga journey beginning in the BKS Iyengar tradition, swiftly transitioned from tentatively taking her first class to attending as many classes as would fit into her schedule. There came a moment when she realized yoga is not simply something to do, it illuminates we are.

With over 1,000 hours of multifaceted yoga, meditation and wellness trainings, Lorrie, collaborates with yoga teacher trainings, leading Restorative Yoga teacher trainings, workshops and immersions in addition to her on-going group classes. Co-teaching AcroYoga and partner yoga with Brian has been an exuberant thrill and an arena for her own personal growth while deeply embracing the healing practice of meta/loving kindness has cracked Lorrie’s heart wide open.

The Hippocratic oath doctors take, First Do No Harm, aligns with the cornerstone of yoga, Ahimsa, which is paramount to each interaction. Lorrie brings clarity, compassion and creativity to wholeheartedly meet each person where they are.  Her classes blend traditional and healing qualities of yoga coupled with breath-centered intelligent sequencing, encouraging you to explore and cultivate mindfulness and bring lightness and into your practice and a greater sense of well-being into your life, unveiling your full potential.



For questions about any of our offerings or classes, or you are interested in collaborating or teaming up for your YTT, we'd love to hear from you.

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