*Please Note:
All of Lorrie's weekly group classes are on hiatus until September.


Sunday Meditation

SUNDAYS  //  2:00-2:30PM  //  LIVE-STREAMED

Brian leads you through a meditation that builds on the foundations of this illuminating practice. Explore various meditation techniques to enrich and deepen your connection to being fully present and your relationship with your true Self.


Sunday Meditation is designed to release stress and hold a more tranquil perspective as you spend time in conscious rest, with the added benefit to sleep more soundly. Live-streamed.

*Gentle Yoga & Meditation

MONDAYS  //  5:30-6:30PM  //  HOME YOGA STUDIO

Join Lorrie for a deliciously tension-releasing class. It's a gentle yet deep approach to breath and movement to encourage greater awareness. Release held tensions, calm the nervous system and deeply relax and rejuvenate body mind and spirit.

This Live-Streamed class is an opportunity to experience a calming and yoga session in the comfort and ease of your own space.

*Flow & Restore

TUESDAYS  //  10:30-11:45AM  //  HOME YOGA STUDIO

Savor this time of mindful breath-centered movement, strengthening and stretching. Time is given to drop even deeper into relaxation to release held tensions, calm the nervous system and deeply relax and rejuvenate body/mind/soul.

A perfect compliment to strong workouts and stressful lifestyles.

In-Person and live-streamed.

Mixed Level Yoga

FRIDAYS  //  9:00-10:15AM  //  HOME YOGA STUDIO

This class utilizes safe alignment cueing to move deeply into your practice from a place of strength and stability.


Join Brian to greatly benefit from learning at a visceral level how to make poses work effectively on your behalf. Appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners. Live-streamed.

*Form & Flow Yoga 1


SATURDAYS  //  10:30-11:45AM  //  HOME YOGA STUDIO

This is a great class for everyone, from those new to those who are looking to strengthen their relationship with foundations. Attention and time are given to break down aspects of poses and for exploration within the pose. Breath-work and ending with a deeply relaxing savasana are integrated into this well-rounded Sri Krishnamacharya-based practice. 

In-Person and live-streamed.

Other Offerings

Within each human is a natural pull to expand and live life to the fullest. Even so, emotions, feelings and injuries can hinder moving forward in the direction of our desire.

Take well-deserved time to develop or refine your yoga practice in a way that suits your needs and your schedule. Learn More...

We meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation.

- Emily Fletcher

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