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Heart of Winter: Restorative Yoga & Healing Soundbath

with Lindsay Corley and Lorrie Shepard

Recharge and Rejuvenate Your Inner Glow

December 29 . 2:00p

A profound experience to nourish, calm and rejuvenate mind and body, and warm your heart. Recover from all the activities and stressors of this season that challenges our inner peace and wellbeing.  

Join Lorrie and Lindsay to harmonize with the season, be guided through supported deeply relaxing restorative yoga poses while enveloped in ambient sound created with singing bowls, shruti box, gong, and vocals. The sounds will wash over you invite peace as stress and tensions melt.


This workshop gives space to align with nature and savor time to pause, quiet and restore rasa balance, our essential energy.


Designed to warm your body, calm your mind, and open your heart, you will leave completely blissed, grounded and open to the amazing possibilities of the new year.



28544 Old Town Front St, Suite 300 . Temecula CA

Guiding you through supported restorative yoga poses, rhythmic breathing, and mindful slow movement, Lorrie Shepard, who has been practicing and teaching culvating inner-peace for two decades, creates space for deep relaxation. With a background in music and sharing her musical talents from a very young age, Lindsay Corley's heart-centered approach touches everyone who is blessed to be serenaded by her gift of music and sound.

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