Is NZO Suitable for me?

If you're new to vaping, trying to quit smoking, or even needing a more convenient way to vape, NZO filled with Pukka Juice is the ideal device and liquid for you!

What is Salt-Nicotine?

Nicotine salt is a term used to describe a more authentic nicotine solution. In Nic-Salt e-liquid this creates a more instant and smoother nicotine hit similar to that of smoking. Nic-salt does not make your e-liquid taste salty, nor does it change it's texture.

What comes in a starter pack?

NZO Filled with Pukka Juice Starter Packs come with the NZO device, USB Magnetic Charger and 3x Pods of one of our juicy unique Pukka flavours.

How do I turn on/off the NZO device?

NZO is activated by drawing in air through the mouthpeice. When you do this, the device will activate the heating element (indicated by a green light on the device) to produce vapor as you inhale. Once you stop inhaling, NZO will disable and stop producing vapour. No buttons, no fuss.

Does Pukka Juice taste the same in NZO as other products?

Yes. We've worked tirelessly to make sure you get the same great Pukka flavour in NZO Pods as you do in any other of our juice ranges.

How do I charge the NZO Device?

Use the Magnetic Charger that comes with NZO to snap onto the bottom of the device. Plug in the USB end into a wall adapter (not included), laptop/computer or portable charger.

Does NZO help me to quit smoking?

Thousands of people use vaping products safely every day to help them stop smoking. NZO and all it's pods contain ZERO tobacco, ZERO toxic chemicals and produce ZERO carbon monoxide. The same goes for all our Pukka Juice E-liquid Products. NZO pods Filled with Pukka Juice contain salt-nicotine which mimics the nicotine high of a cigarette, helping you to reduce and quit smoking. For more advice, visit:

Will more Pukka Juice flavours be added in the future?

Send us your thoughts on our Instagram and Twitter on which flavour we should squeeze into pods next!

How much vapor does the NZO deivce create?

NZO devices don't use high heat, meaning they create less obtrusive vapor when you exhale, so you can vape without the worry of fogging up your home or others around you.

Do NZO have a website?

Yes they do, check them out at:

How do I get in touch about stocking NZO filled with Pukka Juice?

Send us a message by clicking the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of our website.

How do I get in touch about an order I have placed?

Send us a message by clicking the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of our website.


Actual battery usage and puff count will vary on your usage and enviroment. To make the most of your NZO, charge fully before use, keep the device clean and free from debris, and use occasionally (not in quick succession) just like you would with a cigarette.