Artful Sequencing

Empower Your Students to Explore. Refine sequencing skills to allow for fluid natural progression of poses and authentic movement to offer a fuller yoga class experience. Learn how to develop your own fun sequences. Discover advanced anatomical sequencing to keep your students safe. Utilize the process of layering in your classes for progressive development of postures.

Sharpen Your Vision

Truly seeing your student is one of the artful attributes of an artful intuitive teacher. Learn to look at and see the subtle body. What is subtle body feedback? How can we notice this and what does it mean? What is the appropriate approach to this information? Over time and with practice this subtle body communication will become a natural addition to your teaching skills.

Your Teaching Voice

Your voice provides the framework for your yoga class. Find greater clarity in your voice, your tone and pacing to create a specific perspective for your classes. Unleash your authentic Self. Learn techniques and develop your authentic voice to bring about a smooth, uplifting and supportive experience for each student. Using your voice as a tool, set the mood, tone, and pace for your class.

The Art of Cueing & Assists

Cueing techniques enable students to move through your class all the while maintaining focus on their own practice. Become more articulate, clear, and fluid with options to help students move safely; learn how to cue to a mixed level class; develop concise alignment points. Fine tuned detailed and articulate cueing to set your students up for success. Develop sensitivity to safely assist in a beneficial manner to bring make a positive impact on your students.

Class Plans and Themes

Let Your Teaching Come Alive. Add structure and meaning to your classes. Learn effective methods to create inspiring class plans with meaningful themes. Develop sources of inspiration for your classes. Create meaningful material for privates, series, and workshops. Refine your skills on how to set the stage for an amazing yoga class and close it with ease and grace.

The Seat of the Teacher

Taking the Teacher's Seat Allows Students to Feel At Ease. Learn and develop compassionate effective approaches to define your safe-zone, and project your boundaries. How and when to say, "no thank you." Embodying the yamas and niyamas. Build a framework which allows you to learn, stay flexible, and change course when necessary, with room to grow and adapt to changes. Develop new ways to stay inspired and excited to teach regularly for a long time.

Pranayama and Bandhas Techniques

Breath and Connection are the Cornerstones of Yoga. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of breath and bandhas and how to utilize various techniques for the greatest benefit of the student.

  • Instruction on the bandhas, refinement of teaching techniques.
  • Learn in what context they would be used, and embrace the use of the bandhas into your own personal practice as well as into your yoga classroom.
  • Instruction and use of breath and pranayama techniques.
  • Learn how to use pranayama for specific needs.

Yoga Styles

Iyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Yin Yoga, Chair, AcroYoga are each solid highly regarded styles of yoga. Explore and delve deep into one particular style -- or a variety of yoga styles to truly broaden your knowledge and view on how to use various styles and teachings. Enhance your own personal practice and become adept at weaving them into your yoga classes.