Next Steps

After completing yoga teacher training, a crucial step to becoming the

yoga teacher you aspire to is having a helpful road map to get there.

If you have questions on what those next steps are, you are in good company.

This is one of the biggest challenges yoga teachers face.


Yoga Class Review

This Mentorship session is designed for teachers who are currently teaching and would like valuable input and guidance.


Yoga Class Review, attended by your Mentor gives the best opportunity for transparency of strengths and areas for growth. Our post-class time together offers space for discussion, allows for questions and answers and is concluded with a customized assignment to work on for your own benefit and progression.


Follow-up Yoga Class Review

This half-hour session is designed as a follow-up on the Yoga Class Review to refine and guide you through the areas you're working on, with adequate time for questions.

When we set out to change, having an opportunity to evaluate our progress helps to set good patterns in place and clean up any stragglers.

*Must have taken Yoga Class Review above.

$45 Single Session Follow-up Includes:

  • Discuss assignment findings

  • Review new skills & progress

  • Specific follow-up guidance


Mentoring Session

Designed to inspire and prepare you to move forward in your life as a yoga teacher!


Find your balance as a yoga teacher. Learn and refine concise cueing and alignment skills. When to|when not to assist. Branch out. Learn more about different styles of yoga and what resonates with you. Boost your confidence as a yoga teacher, and more...


The initial session is a 1-hour minimum.

Your Mentoring Session includes a clear agenda to ensure a productive meeting.

Topic/s for your mentoring session is set by both mentor and you prior to your session.

$65 1-hr session

$180 for 3 one-hour sessions

$45 half-hr session

Group Rates Available


Is a dynamic, interactive, supportive space to grow. 

A time for you to receive support, guidance and inspiration.

Swimming in uncharted waters with skill and confidence.

Flying in new open skies. This program offers time to hit the refresh button.



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